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2018 Board of Directors

MTOBA is a non-profit organization with a volunteer Board of Directors.  The President holds a 2 year term and directors each hold a 3 year term.  Elections are held annually and the directors are elected by the membership.  Board meetings are held monthly on the second Thursday of the month at various locations around the state.  Notices are sent out 1 week prior to the meeting date giving the location and time.

President:  Rick McCune

Director Term
Jenny Barbeau 2018 (seated for Rick McCune)
Judy Campbell 2018-2020
Lisa Campbell 2017-2019
Cindy Davidson 2016-2018
Luella Hall 2018-2020
Clifford Compton 2018-2020
Laura Jackson 2016-2018
James Jackson 2018-2020
Frank Nickels 2018-2020
Rick McCune 2018-2020 President
Deborah Miley 2016-2018
Steve Prain 2017-2019
Deborah Russell 2017-2019
Teri Traxler 2016-2018
Virginia Uelmen 2017-2019
Kathleen White DVM 2017-2019
Dan McCarthy Alternate
Jenny Barbeau 2018-2020

Office Manager: 

Lee Schostak